After meeting with our social and fundraising committees, once again the Lenten Fish Fry is being put on hold till next year.

With the Covid virus as a constant “dark cloud” hanging over every social event, concerns of a successful fish fry are in doubt. However, more so, is the inflated cost of the products and supplies which has made it obvious that it would be very difficult to make a profit, which would reflect on the hard work and planning of the event. Fish used to be a low-cost commodity, but in our current economic climate of today, that is no longer true. After researching prices and availability, we decided to put the fish fry on hold this year and concentrate on other fundraisers to support the Parish mission.

We want to thank everyone who supports our annual fish fry, the leadership, and the workers of the past. We really hope next year will find us in a better economy and afford us the wonderful gatherings that the fish fry brings to parish life.