Our New Focus for the New Year

Not since the year 2000 did the numeration of the year lend itself to a focus and emphasis as this year “2020” will provide.  This year “2020” seems to beg us to have better vision in following the Lord. We always talk about hind sight being 20/20, for when we look back at certain situations and choices, it is clearer in retrospect.  We then somehow excuse ourselves of the responsibilities of our choices by blaming it on being “blinded” by the moment. So, what if we are better focused in this year of the Lord 2020 and have clearer vision of faith and action? Having 20/20 vision in the year 2020 not only made sense but is a great slogan.

Solutions to 20/20 Vision

  • Morning Offering

When we start everyday with offering ourselves as an act of love and service to the Lord and our neighbor, we re-establish our desire to “keep both eyes on the road.” Consecrating our day to the will of God means following (Jesus) the yellow line on the straight path as well as around the curves that come our way. Our day may start out as a clear path for His will and the work that lies ahead, but often fog, rain and winding roads enter the picture that can distract us from our mission. These things look like gossip, impatience and self-reliance. Readjusting our vision allows us to accept what we cannot change and respond to the grace of God’s guidance.

  • Evening Examination of Conscience

At the end of the day we should reflect on how clear our vision was down the path to holiness. Did I get distracted and let my peripheral vision become blurry or impaired by the choices I made out of comfort or self-gratification? How many times, if you will, did I bump up against that guide rail and teeter into relativism of societies’ lack of moral code? A good act of contrition in this case acts like those soothing eye drops that we apply when spending time in that smoke-filled room.

  • Don’t Take Your Sight for Granted

In the places which we need clear vision should be prepared by applying 20/20 vision. Put on those spectacles via a simple prayer before entering the traffic of Route 30, the office building or a family gathering. Sometimes when it gets rough…clean the lenses…with an act of love or replace a lens by activating your conscience as a guide.

  • Regular Checkups

Sacred Mass is the best way to have your vision checked for focus on the Lord’s love as well as the prescription change that can take place in the sacrament of reconciliation. Many times, we do not think we have sinned much or need to go to confession…we think our vision is fine…but after we come out from the confessional we are amazed how much better we can see!!