All marriages run into difficulties from time to time. Like anything else, good maintenance is required. Occasionally attending a marriage retreat will allow you to improve your covenant relationship with your spouse, and perhaps avoid serious issues later.

Retrouvaille – A Christian Peer Ministry

There is hope for reviving a troubled relationship, especially when it’s hanging by a thread. One of the best programs is “Retrouvaille” (pronounced ret-trov-eye). Retrouvaille is a French word meaning “rediscovery.” If your marriage is tearing the two of you apart, or if there is little or no communication, or if you are considering separation or divorce, we believe Retrouvaille can help.

Retrouvaille is a weekend presented by couples who have experienced the same difficulties in their own relationships. It is not a spiritual retreat, sensitivity group, counseling session or seminar. You will not be asked to share your problems with anyone else, but rather encouraged to put the past behind you and look beyond the hurt and pain so that you may rediscover each other in a new and positive way.

For more details, please contact Rich and Marianne Mader at 412-462-0523.


There are times, however, when issues and pressures become so great that they affect the communication of love and respect that was once the hallmark of a loving relationship. All relationships take work, and in differing amounts at different times. Without the necessary care and attention, marriages can wither and couples can slowly and quietly drift apart. Sometimes, too, the rift is so large that it seems as if the marriage is hopelessly lost.

For more information on how to help a troubled marriage, visit the Counseling Center at Catholic Charities.