Diocesan Lenten Appeal Grow in the Lord

Just like a plant needs sunlight, water, and nutrients to grow, every Christian needs certain elements of faith in order to grow in the Lord. Hearing Him or reading His word is not enough. We have to believe it, obey it and apply it in our lives. Do you desire to grow in the Lord? During the Lenten season, we work to deepen our relationship with the Lord through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. With that in mind, the theme for this year’s Diocesan Lenten Appeal is Grow in the Lord.

I am deeply grateful for your continued support of our parish and diocese through your offertory contributions as well as your participation in the annual DLA. Your donations have helped to grow the impact of our parish missions and ministries. Thanks to you, we were able to aid the work of the Saint Vincent DePaul Society by donating our first $10,000 for service to the poor. We were also able to develop the parishes Confirmation program (The Matthias Project) by funding the purchase of formation programming, retreats, and workshops. The first year of the program saw 72 students confirmed by Bishop Malesic as the largest class in the diocese.

In addition to aiding the poor and forming young adults, this past year we were able to use your generous gifts to the DLA to finish painting the interior of the church including the sanctuary, which has not been painted for more than 30 years! This year we need to address the third floor electrical and HVAC system to upgrade from the antiquated system of the 1950s. The third floor houses the Good Shepherd atrium, offices and the parochial Vicars apartment. This renovation is well overdue and Father Roniel will be so happy to have a “real” heating system to keep him warm through the winter.

For you, and others like you who have been blessed by God, I am asking you to help our diocese and our parish by supporting the Diocesan Lenten Appeal with a gift. For your convenience, your gift can be spread out over 10 months.

Your prayers and participation are always tremendously appreciated. Please join us, and Grow in the Lord.

Yours in Christ,

The Reverend John A. Moineau

Pledge cards can also be returned to the parish office, placed in the weekly collection basket, or mailed directly to the diocese using the envelope provided in your packet.