Receive and Share - 2024 Diocesan Lenten Appeal

Dear Parishioners,

Imagine having only five loaves and two fish to feed 5,000 people. A small gift from a little boy who shared everything he had with Jesus made this miracle possible. This Lent, I invite you to think about the blessings you have received from God, and prayerfully consider sharing those blessings, through your stewardship, during this year’s Diocesan Lenten Appeal.

Receive and Share is the theme for our 2024 Diocesan Lenten Appeal. It is important to understand that when you Share your gifts with our Parish and Diocese, many others are able to Receive because of your generosity. Your donations are critical to forming future Priests, Permanent Deacons, and the young faithful who will be asked to provide leadership for our Church in the years to come.

Last year our parish raised $266,029.00 during the 2023 DLA and received back $117,253.00 to support our local disadvantaged through Saint Vincent De Paul Society and to continue the development of our cemetery which included the addition of our new Columbarium. This year, we are hoping to raise $105,432.00 over our Diocesan target of $154,568.00.  The first $10,000.00 will be for our local Saint Vincent De Paul Society then the remaining money will be used for terrazzo flooring in the church, new signage, church front doors, church outside masonry work, and upgrade information technology in the administration building.

As we move through Lent, I again ask you to reflect prayerfully on the gifts that you have received. Be mindful that God first shared himself with each of us through His Son’s passion, death, and resurrection, offering us the possibility of eternal life, which is the most important gift of all. We cannot separate receiving this gift from God with our obligation to share our blessings with others by opening our hearts in charity.

That is why I am humbly asking you to support God’s work and make your gift online at or return the lower portion of the letter mailed to your home with your gift. Remember that your gift can be made as a pledge over 10 months.

I pray for God’s special blessings upon you and your family, so that your hearts will be filled with faith, hope, love, and joy as we prepare to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

Yours in Christ,

The Reverend John A. Moineau

Our DLA Stewardship

Listed below is a summary of parish projects that were paid for with funds raised through your participation in past Diocesan Lenten Appeals.


  • Development of Immaculate Conception Cemetery: add new signage, visitation parking, trees, and ground cover throughout the cemetery; the addition of our new columbarium for cremains and the development of the new sections
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation


  • Renovations & upgrades to our church organ hardware and software system
  • Replacing three of our church exterior doors
  • Installing parking lot lighting
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation


  • Refurbished church pews
  • Replaced pew & kneeler cushions
  • Brickwork on Admin Building steps
  • Addressed long-standing water problem in Our Lady’s Plaza
  • Repaired the Regional Senior Youth Building


  • Installed a new HVAC system and upgrade the antiquated electrical system on the 3rd floor of the Administration building
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation.


  • Church video and sound system upgrade
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation


  • Air Conditioning installed in Our Lady’s Plaza
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation


  • Paving of back and lower parking lots.
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation.


  • New kitchen floor installed in Our Lady’s Plaza.
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation.


  • New tables for Our Lady’s Plaza.
  • Chapel lighting replaced.
  • Saint Vincent De Paul – $10,000 donation.


  • Reconstruct and pave main parking lot.
  • New church A/C units.
  • Our Lady’s Plaza LED screen