Confirmation brings to completion the grace received through baptism. By this sacrament, the baptized are more perfectly bound to the church and are enriched by the strength of the Holy Spirit. This gift conforms believers more fully to Christ and strengthens them to bear witness to Christ for the building up of his body in faith and love.

Immaculate Conception and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parishes have combined instruction for public school candidates. The Confirmation team has worked together to build a program called the Matthias Project that we believe will help foster the faith journey for each candidate seeking the Sacrament of Confirmation.  It has four components: Worship, Education, Service, and Social Activities.

Confirmation Requirements

  • Retreats and Workshops – The required retreats are an opportunity for the candidates to take time away from all of the other activities of life and focus on their faith journey.
  • Parent Sessions – As your child is taking this step to become a fully initiated member of the Catholic Church, the Confirmation team believes it is important that parents have the opportunity to learn about and grow in their own faith. These sessions will be either with the candidates or at the same time as classes but parents separate.
  • Monday Night Sessions – There is still a lot to learn! The number of Monday night sessions has been cut down from the past years due to the other learning opportunities, but they are still important to attend!
  • Service Requirement – As we learn to follow Christ more closely we strive to follow His example of serving others. One parish project and one community project will help the young candidates to get a feel for service and start thinking about where they would like to serve in the future.
  • Saint Project and Reflection – The “Name Calling” workshop will help the candidates start thinking about choosing a Saint whose name they want to take as a Confirmation name. We ask that each candidate research that Saint and turn in a reflection that will be due early March.

Candidates meet Monday evenings in Our Lady’s Plaza from September through May.

In addition, the Diocese of Greensburg has official qualifications of confirmation sponsors, as well as several guidelines and/or recommendations.

Qualifications of Confirmation Sponsors

  1. Be designated by the candidate, by the parents or guardians, or the pastor.
  2. Have the qualifications and intention of performing the role of sponsor.
  3. Be at least 16 years old.
  4. Be a fully initiated Catholic (received baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist).
  5. Lead a life in harmony with the faith and role of a sponsor (i.e., be a member of a parish, attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, not be in an irregular marriage, etc.).
  6. Not be bound by a canonical penalty.
  7. Not be the father or mother of the one to be confirmed. ​

Sponsors for the sacrament of confirmation must abide by the same qualifications as sponsors for the sacrament of baptism​. In addition, the following guidelines and/or recommendations apply:

  1. There is normally one sponsor for the sacrament of confirmation.
  2. It is recommended that a baptismal godparent exercise the role of confirmation sponsor.
  3. A non-Catholic may not serve as a sponsor for the sacrament of confirmation. (It is discouraged that a spouse serve as confirmation sponsor).

Our diocese continues the practice of requiring proof of eligibility for sponsorship (in accord with the qualifications above) from the parish in which the sponsor is registered. If you are a member of Immaculate Conception Parish, please contact the parish office to obtain your certificate of sponsorship at 724-863-9550. Sponsorship letters may then be submitted directly to the parish Director of Formation.