The marriage covenant prefigures the new and everlasting covenant between the Son of God and all mankind. Through this sacrament, Christians signify and share in the mystery of the unity and fruitful love that exists between Christ and his church. Christian couples are to strive to nourish and develop their marriage by undivided affection in good times and in bad.

For every Catholic couple seeking the key to living a happy and holy married life, visit For Your Marriage – the perfect resources for living happily ever after. The site was launched by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Marriage and Family Life.  Find daily marriage tips, quizzes, blogs, facts and figures, “must have conversations,” a personality audit, personal stories, the biblical roots of marriage, prayers, church documents, and information about marital sexuality and spirituality.

As soon as a couple is ready to start planning their marriage, they should contact the parish office at 724-863-9550 to speak with the priest at least one year in advance of the wedding. Diocesan regulations also require that couples begin to work with the parish at least one year prior to a wedding.

Couples must also complete their choice of one of three marriage preparation programs available in our Diocese:

  • Sponsor Couple Program – a one-on-one program with a Marriage Sponsor couple
  • Diocesan Engaged Encounter Weekends – available periodically and at a cost to the couple
  • Evenings for the Engaged – a program where parishes in the Diocese of Greensburg have their own private, large group sessions, exclusively for their parishioners