Thank you for volunteering at Immaculate Conception Parish. Your cooperation enables our parish to continue to serve the needs of our people and the community. The Diocese of Greensburg requires all clergy, parish, cemetery, school employees and all volunteers to have all of the following clearances and training prior to work or ministry in the diocese.1

The Diocese of Greensburg recently updated its clearance requirements to protect children after several new laws were enacted in the Commonwealth in 2014. All volunteers must complete the following clearance requirements:

Please turn in each certificate and/or clearance result to the Immaculate Conception Parish office as you obtain it. If you have any questions or would like more personalized instructions, please contact the parish office at 724-863-9550. Once again, thank you for your efforts at ensuring our children’s safety.


1. The Pennsylvania Provisional Services Law allows for an applicant for full or part-time employment or a volunteer for a position to be hired or accepted on a 30-day provisional basis. The Diocese of Greensburg does not ascribe to this practice. The Diocese requires that all documentation be in place prior to the applicant being offered a position in the Diocese.

2. The Diocese of Greensburg considers all paid clergy, parish, cemetery and school staff to be a Mandated Reporter.