Pastor’s Notes

Come and Pray

Good Morning…and peace be with you!!

Remember our definition of Peace: Fullness of life in communion with God!!

This is even more necessary during this pandemic. True, peace is not based on a comfort zone of life, but how much of our life is really in concert with God’s Will and Divine […]

2020-03-21T18:25:24-04:00March 21, 2020|Latest News, Pastor's Notes|

Coronavirus Update

Nearly thirty-three years of priesthood I have taken for granted that I would wake each morning and prepare to offer the Sacred Mass with my parishioners. The Sunday Liturgy has been the weekly highlight of my priestly ministry and now, for the first time ever I will not be able […]

2020-03-21T18:21:35-04:00March 18, 2020|Latest News, Pastor's Notes|