It was an incredibly painful day knowing that we needed to operate further in safe mode during the holiest of all weeks. Staying home…masking up…and praying to be inspired by the true meaning of suffering through Jesus’ passion.

Please know we will be sending quite a few OSM episodes your way this week. These videos will be all the liturgies and things like:

  • What to do when I am afraid
  • Virtual Votive Candles
  • Virtual Easter food/basket blessings
  • How will the palm, bulletins and little white books be distributed?

All of these episodes are to help us keep connected.

So, if you have not yet subscribed to “Operation Safe Mode,” you should do so today. Click on the bell for notifications of a new video. This will help with announcements that we may want to get out to you as well.

Please also find the Cheplic Family’s “live” Stations of the Cross rendition. This is what happens when Catholic Families are operating in safe mode…too long!! Susan is our director of Jr/Sr youth ministry!!

Since we have to start wearing masks…and if you want to share your photo’s…please send them to me at

Here are two for you to enjoy!