In the most difficult times of our lives, many people, in their desire to comfort other quips: “Remember, God never gives you more than you can handle.” That statement, when one is full of anxiety, pain, fear or brokenness can really push them over the edge. It causes people to ask then: “Why me?” I am not strong enough to carry this burden?

The truth of the matter is that God ALWAYS gives you more than you can handle! That’s right, what comes our way in the greatest challenges of our lives is above and beyond our mental and physical capacity to overcome…if that was not true then we would never panic, never be overwhelmed, and we would always sleep well at night!

The truth is this:


See the difference is Faith! God and YOU together can handle everything that comes your way. He knows our weakness and tendency towards our broken nature. He knows that the outlook from of worldly view is overwhelming and near impossible to succeed in times of tragedy, fear, and especially in times of pandemics!

So, do you feel overwhelmed at times, in this lockdown of your life? Do you ask how much longer do I have to live in fear or loneliness? Do you wonder if you can survive all of the restrictions of your freedom and even constitutional rights? Well, I wonder all those things every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake! But I also know that whispering in my heart and soul over and over again: JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU” reminds me… yes, alone I can do nothing, but in the power of the risen Christ together I can handle anything… for I live not for freedom of living my earthly life but for the peace of the eternal kingdom. When the world view is a scary view, I think of what the view from the cross must have looked like for Jesus.

Jesus asked His disciples to “stay awake one hour” in the garden. This was so they could experience that each hour is a choice to take on the world alone and be conquered by death or submit to the will of the Father and share in the victory that ends in resurrection!!

So, my beloved, stay awake, in this hour of the pandemic, for the devil wants to sift you like wheat for you can not survive on your own! Keep watch (eyes on Christ and not the storm) and you will not perish but prevail. For with God you can handle even this the darkest and heaviest burden for He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light that makes all things possible!!!

Pray this way, Trust this way and be at peace!!!