The Immaculate Conception Parish is introducing a Bereavement Ministry to provide prayer and support to the family member(s) of deceased members of our parish and to assure them their loved one will not be forgotten and that they are not alone.

  • We will send a bereavement card from our parish family within 7-10 days following the death of a parish member to the designated family contact.
  • A follow-up card providing prayer, comfort, and support along with the date of the scheduled Month’s Mind Mass for all deceased members of the month will also be sent.
  • Contact with the family will be made to invite them to parish events (Thanksgiving Eve Mass and reception, All Soul’s Mass, etc.).
  • On behalf of our parish family, cards will be sent on the anniversary of the death, deceased’s birthday, Christmas and Easter for 5 years following the death of their loved one.
  • Committee members will attend the Funeral Mass, Month’s Mind Mass and other parish events to offer support.

Death blinds those who mourn the loss of loved ones. Help give some clearer vision of God’s love and hope to our parishioners who suffer the depth perception that grief causes.

If you would like to join our efforts please call the church office and leave your name, phone and email address. We will contact you immediately and have you give sight in the darkness of mourning for one who is in need!!