September 12, 2023 @ 6:30 pm
Immaculate Conception Church

Join us for a Penance Service on Tuesday, September 12 at 6:30 p.m. at Immaculate Conception Church. Eight priests will be available.


A penance service calls the parish family together as sinners. We recognize that we have sinned against one another and God. We reflect together on the Scriptures and our need of reconciliation. We pray an act of sorrow before individually approaching the priest for the sacrament. Preparing ahead of time helps us to be ready to confess our sins. Please find this Examination of Conscience as a guide to be used prior to going to confession at one of the local penance services.


A helpful pattern of conscience is to review the Commandments of God and the Precepts of the Church:

  1. Has God and the pursuit of sanctity in Christ been the goal of my life?
  2. Have I avoided the profane use of God’s name in my speech?
  3. Have I honored every Sunday by avoiding unnecessary work and by celebrating Mass?
  4. Have I shown Christlike respect to parents, spouse, children and others?
  5. Have I cared for bodily health and safety of myself and all others?
  6. Have I been chaste in thought and word? Have I used sex only within marriage while remaining open to new life?
  7. Have I stolen anything from another, from my employer, from the government? If so, am I ready to repay it?
  8. Have I spoken ill of any other person? Have I always told the truth?
  9. Have I permitted sexual thoughts about someone to whom I am not married?
  10. Have I desired what belongs to other people?
  11. Have I been faithful to sacramental living? (Communion and Reconciliation)
  12. Have I helped make my parish community stronger and holier?
  13. Have I done penance by abstaining and fasting on obligatory days?
  14. Have I been mindful of the poor?
  15. Have I been responsible in being an example of faith through my words and actions?


O my God, I am heartfully sorry for having offended thee,
and I detest all my sins because of Thy just punishment,
but most of all because I have offended Thee my God,
who is all good and deserving of all my love.

I firmly resolve,
with the help of Thy grace,
to sin no more,
and to avoid the near occasion of sin.