Date: March 25, 2020 ()

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Let Us Keep the Good News Coming

I hear this most of the time at dinners: “Hey! I have an announcement!” and suddenly there is total silence and excitement and expectation! This is one of the things that amazes me here in America. Announcements are something big and special.

I notice my hair is getting longer and spiky! I can no longer wait to hear announcements such as “hey guys schools are open,” because then, it means barbershops are open too.

But there’s one announcement I guess the world today has been so eager to hear: “that we have now a COVID-19 vaccine!”. We all would surely love it because this also means, a little later, we can now go back to church and pray and sing together.

Today is the solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord. For many, this is the greatest Announcement the World ever had. It is the announcement of the dawning of the promised salvation - a great savior - the king is to be born in our midst.

What makes this announcement so special and important? This is simply good news that is meant for all and a kind of good news that all generations need. As a matter of fact, we need to hear it again today. We need to hear the truth that the Emmanuel (God is with us); and Jesus (Yeshua - God saves) is born for us.

The world today needs an Angel Gabriel to announce the good news. Let’s try to gather bits of hopes together and be angels to each and every one.

I am happy when people are letting me know they are praying in their respective houses. Some make church visits individually to continue to pray. It’s good to hear from the news that the government is giving the people financial aid in this time of economic quandary and as of today, though the COVID-19 cases have climbed up to 423,330 infected, the good news is, there are 109,146 already recovered. Let us keep the good news coming!