Mission from Father John’s Homily


Gift of the Spirit: The Awe and Wonder of God

Mary was in Awe and Wonder of God’s Divine Power when the Angel came to her at the Visitation. The Angel told her that she had nothing to fear for God’s love for her was great. How has God shown His infinite power and love to you? Meditate on those moments and thank God for showing you His love.


Gift of the Spirit: Wisdom

Mary seeks Wisdom to comprehend what it meant that she would be the Mother of God. Wisdom allows us to know as God knows and it reveals to us His Divine Providence and love in our lives even when it does not make sense or follows “our plan” and life’s journey. Pray for Wisdom to see God’s plan for you.


Gift of the Spirit: Understanding

Mary receives Understanding when she acclaims: “Let it be done unto me.” Wisdom helps us to recognize God’s plan as he sees it, Understanding allows us to follow it even when the path is not clear. Pray for Understanding when you are confused with where God is calling you.


Gift of the Spirit: Courage

Mary engages Joseph with Courage as she reveals God’s plan for her… and Joseph. Courage allows her to share the great truth of God’s love with confidence and as a witness. Ask for the gift of Courage when you need to share with others God’s plan for you. Allow others to know your desire to do God’s will in your life as he has planned it to be so.


Gift of the Spirit: Knowledge

Mary receives full Knowledge of the effect of God’s plan to bring about Salvation through her. When she hears Elizabeth speak to her as the “Mother of God” Mary knows now the role, the beauty and the humility that will follow Knowledge is more than an intellectual gift, it is more of an epiphany to how precious your role as an Apostle is in God’s Divine plan. Pray to receive such Knowledge when you are challenged to follow.


Gift of the Spirit: Right Council

At the wedding Feast in Cana Mary approaches Jesus for His miraculous help when the wine ran short. She instructs the servants to “Do whatever he asks of them.” Ask for the gift of Right Council when you are instructing others and yourself to do what is necessary to participate in the life of God’s plan: Truth, love and sacrifice.


Gift of the Spirit: Reverence

Mary showed great Reverence to God in Bethlehem and the Birth of the Savior, but more so in the most sorrowful moment of her life at the foot of the Cross. Ask for that same kind of Reverence of the crucified Christ so that His sacrifice for our sin can be appreciated as the vehicle from death to eternal life.