Dear Immaculate Conception Families:

I want to first thank the 400 individuals/families who took the time to answer the survey questions concerning the Mass that they desire to attend during the limited capacity due to social distancing.

Seating Arrangement in the Church

The seating arrangement was set up to accommodate individuals, couples, and family combinations.

In the perfect and ideal combinations of the above, we can seat 211 souls.

Our survey shows, at this time the number of people who will be attending Mass at the stated time:

  • 4:30 PM — 73
  • 6:00 PM — 49
  • 7:00 AM — 77
  • 8:30 AM — 74
  • 10:00 AM — Full Capacity
  • 11:30 AM — 98

REMEMBER: The above is a survey and not a RESERVATION for these particular Masses. It will still be a first come first “seat” proposition.

This survey was to give everyone an idea of what Masses we should potentially avoid and what Mass might have fewer people attending to avoid a shut-out experience.

NOTE: The 10 a.m. Mass, based on our survey, will be at capacity. So if you do not want to get shut out for Mass, PLEASE DO NOT PLAN ON THE 10:00 AM MASS! Those who were surveyed and chose this Mass as their choice might want to choose otherwise as well.

SUGGESTION: Choosing a Mass simply on your favorite time may not be the best way to approach your return experience. At this point, the 6:00 PM and the 8:30 look like the best second options.

REALITY: We cannot predict what will happen based on only 20% response to the survey, so it will be a hit-and-miss experience for us all.

APOLOGIES: I want to say I am sorry in advance if we need to ask people to not enter the building because of the CDC guidelines. I do not want to even imagine needing to do so, but knowing our parish and your desire to return to Mass, it may happen. If it does, I know I can count on you to respond with love and do your best to attend a later Mass or a Mass during the week or watch on Operation Safe Mode.

Operation Safe Mode will continue to post sacred Mass online every Sunday at 8 a.m.


As many of you are aware, a “peaceful” protest will be held at the Irwin Park concerning racial injustice. The number of people and overall safety is an unknown factor. We will be blocking our parking lots to assure Mass attendees will have a place to park for the 4:30 & 6:00 PM Masses.

If you are planning to attend the 4:30 PM Mass and have some reservations about coming into town, I would suggest that you stay home and be safe. I would also encourage you to consider the option of watching Mass on YouTube Sunday for another week.