Good Morning…and peace be with you!!

Remember our definition of Peace: Fullness of life in communion with God!!

This is even more necessary during this pandemic. True, peace is not based on a comfort zone of life, but how much of our life is really in concert with God’s Will and Divine presence!

That is what it means to be in communion with the Lord Jesus!

This “peace” is all the more needed in times of fear, pain, suffering, challenge, spiritual restriction…

Many ask why this is all happening…we should ask how through this can I remain in communion with the Lord?

Prayer is the answer!!!

Prayer at home alone and with family, but taking time to stop at the church–especially on Sunday–anytime!!!

  • Immaculate Conception Church is open 24/7 for prayer (enter from Oak street)
  • Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. (enter through the single door next to Mary’s garden)

The bulletins are in the church with great prayer ideas. Come in (keep social distancing–two pews apart) and keep the Sabbath…a day of rest in the Lord!!!

Bring your spouse and children…make it a regular trip as we do every Sunday!!! If not Sunday, then Monday, or another day you are comfortable!!

Remember, Father Roniel’s Mass well be posted online Sunday Morning to view. I am on retreat and praying for all of you!!!

Peace (as God gives peace) to you!!!
Father John